Approach and


We believe deeply in relevant, task based learning that resonates in the workplace and the real-world. We believe that one-on-one, coach-learner relationships are the best way to gain the sales skills your team needs.

Why Video Sales Coaching

Is a Better Option

  • Almost face

    to face

  • Many one-to-one conversations

    instead of one-to-one

  • Always on,

    always available

  • Start a coaching interaction

    when you're ready

  • Assessing voice,

    tone, and body language

  • More personal data. See, hear,

    and feel the. human behind the word

  • Guided By


  • We’ve brought together distinguished experts in HR, leadership development, talent acquisition and workplace culture who have experience scaling companies through hyper-growth to help us evolve of our coaching program to meet the needs of our customers best.
  • Coach-Learner


  • We match learners with experts in the skills they want to sharpen. We pair your team members with coaches who are subject matter experts in the areas they want to focus on.


The Relationship


We work one-on-one because it's a more effective way to learn. The coach-learner relationship keeps leaners motivated and helps them learn faster. It also allows coaches to cultivate an authentic voice.




Real-world practice gets better results faster - and they last longer. Coaches ask learners to practice at work - by explaining technical problems cross-functionally, or factfully interjecting in meetings, for example. Because they learn to see the real world as part of their classroom, their learning continues long after the end of their lesson.


A Customized


We help you find the best fit for your team and your goals. We work with you to determine how many people on your team world benefit from lessons, and the optimal structure to allow eaxh of them - and your company - to get the best value out of your program.

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